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“Creating a strong business and building a better world are not conflicting goals – they are both essential ingredients for a long term success” – Bill Ford

Social Responsibility is an important part of business at Suman Chem since its inception. Our passion for providing unique solutions to our customers also extends to undertaking community initiatives that benefit society. We strive to create better opportunities for our communities so that they grow and prosper with us.

Social Commitment Our Commitment to the Society

Our Social Responsibility is driven by the deep philanthropic values of our founders and leaders. Suman Chemical Industry’s commitment to society goes beyond mere compliance with the legal mandates. We care about the communities that surround us and believe in giving back to the society that has helped us grow. We understand that a good education system, a strong healthcare delivery system and a clean environment are the key factors in that contribute in uplifting communities. Therefore, our efforts are directed at remedying these focus areas.

Our Duty Towards The environment

Amongst all the stakeholders of a company, the environment is the silent stakeholder that undergoes the most loss. Protection and conservation of the environment is not only a moralobligation but also essential to ensure business continuity. We want to contribute to building a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone.


At Suman Chemical Industries, water obtained from municipal sources is used for heating, cooling, and scrubbing operations. Water used in the heating operation is recycled back taking the precaution of not losing its temperature thereby reducing energy consumption in heating. Our operations do not cause any direct impact on any water body as we do not harvest water directly from any source.

Energy and Climate Change

Suman Chemical Industry primarily focuses on reducing our carbon footprint thereby minimizing our impact on the environment. Greenhouse gas emissions are mainly from the usage of fossil fuels and the consumption of grid electricity. Our direct emissions include emissions from diesel and coal consumption within the boundaries of our premises while indirect emissions include emissions from purchased electricity consumption.

Waste and Emission

Our R&D is focused on process and design engineering to achieve higher levels of material efficiency which helps us reduce waste and emission. The waste material generated during our manufacturing process is disposed off responsibly and as per the regulatory mandate. We comply with the regulatory air emission norms and do not use any ozone-depleting substances in our manufacturing processes.

Health & safety

Encouraging Fair Practices

As a corporation, we have a strong adherence to ethical principles. We understand that unethical behavior could potentially undermine the integrity of our company. We have created a safe environment for our staff where any employee can report unethical practices taking place within the company.

Suman Chemical Industries abide by the following ethical values